IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amore on Live Audiences Returning, EC3 Working ROH, and James Storm

IMPACT Wrestling’s latest installment of Press Pass featured EVP Scott D’Amore talking the companies newest UK TV deal in the UK as well as EC3, James Storm, Live Audiences and more:

Inside The Ropes’ Gary Cassiday asked about EC3 working with ROH and if it affects his standing with IMPACT:

He’s been a guy, when he got unchained, shall we say, from where he was previously, it was really important to him to go out there and get to experience as much different stuff as he could, and that’s fine by us. He’s got a long history here. We’ve got a lot of respect for him – even though it looks like sometimes he doesn’t respect our company’s history the way he has treated poor Moose’s championship belt – but he’s a great talent, he’s an engaging and entertaining performer and, just like we support other wrestlers’ outside projects, we are happy to have him go expand his wings and try different things.” transcribed by Inside the Ropes

On if there will be talent around ringside posing as fans ala AEW, D’Amore stated that there will not be due to their limited roster. He also stated that they are anxious to perform in front of live audiences again.

Mikes Take: I totally understand where they are coming from, but if I did not get to ask him about whether or not they will be creating a “virtual fan experience” like NBA and WWE. Which I think would help greatly.

When asked about free agent James Storm, he took the “never say never” approach. He said that they have known each other a long time and that the “door is always open”.

Mike’s Take: I’d love to see the Cowboy return. He had grown stale in his final couple years with TNA/IMPACT but its been a long time and he would be a fresh character with some new matchups.

On their move to FreeSport and Premier Scott conveyed his excitement to be on such a big platform. In 2018 it was one of their main objectives to build back their UK audience. he went on to say now that their reach in the region is much larger they will definitely be looking to return to live shows and recruit UK and Irish talent to join the company, once the world returns to normal of course.

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