Could a Bidding War for Ben Carter be Brewing?

UK’s Benjamin Carter has certainly made a name for himself in 2020. He is one of the most coveted indy stars in the world right now and has worked matches for AEW and IMPACT the last couple months. It has been no secret that both AEW and IMPACT have interest in signing the prodigy to a deal, but according to a report from Sean Ross Sapp via Fightful Select, a third company has entered the discussion, NXT UK. Per Sapp:

Carter’s “had looks and interest from both companies (AEW & IMPACT), but Fightful has learned that NXT UK has made a major play to land Ben Carter in recent weeks. Carter was very open with Fightful that his residential status affected him in ROH, and kept him from getting paid. The NXT UK deal would circumvent that and keep him closer to home. The last we’d heard from the WWE side of things was that a deal had not been reached as of yet.” Transcribed by our buddy, Jack

Mike’s Take: Its not a question of if Carter will get signed, its when. He’s impressed the brass at AEW with several matches, most notably against Scorpio Sky, and the match he had in IMPACT against Chris Sabin just dropped on IMPACT Plus today and he was really impressive there as well. NXT UK being interested is new and adds another layer to the Carter sweepstakes.

Who will he sign with? Time will only tell. If I had to venture a guess it would be AEW. They brought him in several times already and I get the feeling that if he had not gotten sick with COVID a few weeks ago he would have been a part of the latest set of shows and likely would have been signed to a deal.

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