Backstage News on Confrontation Between Ethan Page and GCW Promoter at The Collective

Earlier in the week Game Changer Wrestler began advertising special edition “GCW Collective” trading cards using likenesses of several talents that were booked to appear at the event. One talent, IMPACT Wrestlings Ethan Page was none too happy about these being sold without his consent. Page took to Twitter to lash out at Joey Janela and GCW pomoter Brett Lauderdale.

Page then went on to say

After sleeping over this & letting it marinate, I’ve come to the conclusion that @JANELABABY is a little bitch ?? Not only do you profit off my likeness without asking me Now ur gonna try to “punk me” online?”

The two stars eventually made up before the show but Page and Lauderdale obviously did not, according to the following report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select

“According to several witnesses, the two (Page and Lauderdale) were in a heated verbal exchange Sunday at the Black Label Pro show at the GCW Collective. This stems from Page taking issue that trading cards were produced with his likeness ahead of the shows. We’re told that both felt like they were owed an apology, but neither seemed keen on giving one, and that Lauderdale wasn’t really seeking one as he thought things were already squashed. Page left BLP’s event afterwards.” transcribed by Jack

Sapp went on to say that he reached out to both men and they confirmed that it happened. The specifics of what was said were not disclosed.

Mikes Take: Ethan Page is a well known stand up guy. I do not know a whole lot about Bret Lauderdale but using someones likeness to sell merchandise is a big foul. If they treated Page right I’m sure he would have treated them right. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

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