RVD Comments on Contract Situation With IMPACT

It appears that RVD may not be done with IMPACT after all. In an interview with Hannibal TV, RVD made it seem like his contract isn’t expired and the he is on a per date deal and just was not booked for October. See his comments here:

“Where did you get that I just finished an IMPACT run because I’m not even — maybe you know more than I do, or you’re just going with the headlines. Come on man, you know how many headlines have misinformation? People just grab ‘em. Man I’ve heard that I’m blind, I can’t see out of one eye, can barely move and there’s all kinds of stuff. I very rarely correct them and on this one, it’s fun having the energy out there and things that come from it, but it would be incorrect to say that what I read which is that Katie and I, that our contracts expired, that would be incorrect.

And that’s not necessarily true either [that he’s sticking around IMPACT]. It is such a no-news kind of news, because I have a different situation than Katie does and so with my situation, I’m there per-show. We had a few shows ahead on the list of obligations scheduled before the pandemic and during the pandemic, nobody was running and afterwards, made up some of them and I’m just not on the TV in October so, after that, who knows? Nobody knows, except the marks that read the headlines.” H/T Post Wrestling

Mikes Take: I think RVD is done with IMPACT. He costs a lot and without ticket sales he doesn’t add a ton of value. I could see him come back here and there like Scott Steiner does but he isn’t going to be a full time guy for anyone these days. He is also living his best life just doing his thing.

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