MLW Rehires Former Smackdown Head Writer & Former Live PD Producer

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, MLW is continuing to put the pieces together for their restart and have re-hired Alex Greenfield and Biff Lawson as producers.

The Greenfield hiring is a little puzzling considering they fired him just last year for continually trying to get hired by AEW. There were even some out there who compared the situation with ECW and Todd Gordon. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer wrote this about the situation lst year:

“He was an agent who would coordinate the crews and shoot stuff for the company at shows and coordinate some post-production stuff. The company believed he was pitching himself hard to AEW but felt there were issues in how that was done, even though they consider themselves allies of AEW. Those internally said they felt they had no choice but to let him go.”

Biff Lawson is a huge wrestling fan and had been seen on camera during the wildly popular Live PD series on A&E wearing various wrestling t-shirts. He was a producer on that show up until the show was cancelled after some controversy surrounding one of the officers on their show and of course, the George Floyd situation.

“Alex Greenfield, who at one point was the head writer of WWE Smackdown, has returned to MLW working as a Producer, specifically working on the behind the scenes aspect of the company. Biff Lawson, who has worked on several A&E Network live series, including Live PD and Emergency Rescue,has also joined the company as a producer.” Mike Johnson of PWInsider

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