WWE/NXT News and Notes

This Week in WWE

  • The WWE concluded their annual draft on this past weeks Raw. Fightful reported several superstars did not find out which draft pool they were in until the story would break online which had them upset. This however, is keeping in line with WWE’s past drafts where superstars would not know which show they were going to until it was announced on tv.
  • Ember Moon and Toni Storm made their returns on this weeks edition of NXT. In a surprising move, WWE did not move any women from the NXT roster to either Raw or Smackdown. This could be a new strategy as NXT continues to go head to head with AEW. In the past, NXT’s best rated segments against AEW has been some of their bigger womens matches. With the AEW womens roster still trying to find their footing, NXT will put out the best womens roster in America to try and close the ratings gap.
  • Eva Marie has been confirmed to be returning to WWE. This follows WWE’s recent signing of Melina who has yet to make her tv return.
  • As confirmed by WON’s Dave Meltzer, Raw Underground has been canceled for the time being. The most recent covid outbreak ultimately led to the decision as WWE did not want to continue to take unnecessary risks with extras potentially bringing in the virus or catching it from WWE talent.
  • Zelina Vega is now on OnlyFans working under her cosplay name Megan Minx. You can find a link to her cosplay Instagram on Zelina’s main IG account. The cosplay Instagram will then link you to her OnlyFans account. This is notable as WWE has recently made headlines after a controversial report of taking ownership of their superstars third party earnings (cameo, twitch, youtube, etc.). OnlyFans has proven to be a valuable money maker for wrestling talent, especially the women. Independent wrestler Priscilla Kelly currently has around 1,000 monthly subscribers at $15 a sub. Before any custom content and tips this means she can make over $11,000 a month after the website takes their 20% cut. Other wrestlers such as Lio Rush, Lana Austin, and Enzo Amore have followed in this path.
  • Ronda Rousey appears to have started training back in a wrestling ring again. This follows Dave Meltzers report that Rousey was originally penciled in for Wrestlemania 37. A return at Royal Rumbel is a possibility setting up a potential title match.
  • When asked on the Smackdown Season Premier pre-show who is a star in the making, Triple H responded that he expects Rhea Rhipley to headline a Wrestlemania.
  • WWE has started promotion Bianca Belair’s Smackdown debut with vignettes. Many criticized WWE’s handling of the star who was called up after Mania this year and was mostly relegated to Main Event afterwards. It would seem they have big plans for her on the blue brand.
  • Benjamin Carter looks to have signed with WWE. Carter, a Seth Rollins trainee, has had visa issues trying to get back in to the United States. He would be working on NXT’s UK brand after most recently appearing on AEW.

What to watch?

This gives a really good behind the scenes look as Dominik Mysterio prepares to make his pro wrestling debut against Seth Rollins. Everything from his prep before the match to the organic reaction as Dominik walks into guerilla after his match is over.

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