UFC Fighters Tyson Nam and James Krause Talk Pranks in the UFC

Shakeil Mahjouri of Fightful sent us these quotes from Ricky Simon and James Krause telling prank stories from the UFC.

Tyson Nam talks about Ricky Simon pranking Uriah Faber

“Ricky Simon was fighting. We were inside of those training rooms. It was pre-COVID so everyone had to share a training room. Urijah Faber comes in — this was before their fight,”Nam shared. “He was running around trying to find a restroom. I guess he had to go really bad.”

“Ricky goes, ‘Go out the door, around the corner and keep on following it. You’ll find a bathroom.’ We’ve never even been down that hallway so we didn’t even know where Urijah got led to,” he laughed. “He actually followed Ricky’s directions so we dipped out the other way, let’s go, let’s go.”

James Karause talks pranking Gian Villante

“Have you ever met Gian Villante?” Krause asked. “Anytime I interact with him, he’s one of the fattest, sloppiest people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s hilarious though. Really good dude. Hilarious human being. He’s an absolute shit show and it’s fun to watch.”

“I was a part of Stipe’s team coaching The Ultimate Fighter and Villante was a part of that too. He would go get trashed every night,” Krause continued. “In Vegas, they rent this big ass Airbnb for us. It’s like a mansion. It’s huge. There’s a movie theatre in the basement. Villante decided he was going to grab a mattress all the way from the top and move it to the basement. He did something that pissed me off. I kept getting shotgun because I always got up earlier than him, so one day he put water in my seat. I went out back and grabbed a bucket full of rocks and threw it in his bed and I covered it up. He came home from a hard night’s practice. He was super tired. He went over to his bed and he was going to lay down in his bed and there was just a whole bed full of rocks in there. It was one of my better pranks.”

Mike’s Take: Remind me not to piss off James Krause. That’s actually a hell of a prank that I may end up stealing. Love hearing these lighthearted stories from such a serious sport.

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