Will We See a New & Improved Sami Callihan at Bound For Glory?

IMPACT Wrestling Star Sami Callihan recently spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select and spoke about his weight issues he stated he dropped 25lbs in the last two months despite not being booked for a match on the show.

Mike’s Take: He will definitely be in Shamrocks corner during Bound For Glory when Shamrock takes on Eddie Edwards. I would assume that he would be in the BFG Gauntlet as well. Good on him for getting himself back in to shape. The pandemic hS taken its toll on all our waistlines.

The report goes on to confirm that he will be a part of the upcoming Talk N Shop A Mania PPV that has already been filmed.

He also spoke about his hacker character returning:

“He’s happy to be portraying the hacker character again, but wants it rooted in reality and is making sure that it isn’t hokey or corny so it can work out for the best. He admitted there was a little uncertainty when he left WWE, but that he didn’t take the non-compete clause because he wanted to create an immediate buzz.”

On the newly signed IMPACT talent:

Most of the people that just came to IMPACT from WWE were already his friends and he’d spoken with many of them about the transition. Callihan told me that he had a small bit of uncertainty when he left WWE years ago, but the creative liberation that he’s experienced has been very important to him. It’s something that he’s seen surprise some of the recent WWE releases that have popped up in IMPACT Wrestling.”

Special Shoutout to Jack for transcription

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