Bound For Glory Bold Predictions

This Saturday is IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory. Back in July IMPACT presented Slammiversary which was largely built around surprise appearances and potentially shocking moments and they delivered on that. Eric Young, EC3, The Good Brothers, Heath and Rich Swann all debuted/returned that night and turned the company upside down. The build to BFG has been the complete opposite of Slammiversary, as they have focused on compelling stories, feuds, and title matches. But could there be some surprises? Have we seen the last of debuts from WWE outcasts? Will there be big title changes? I reached out to friends in media and on Twitter and here are some Bold Predictions that I have compiled.

“Warning: This is for entertainment only. Most of this shit ain’t happening folks…. But they could happen”

Mike Gilbert Bold Prediction: “Heath will turn heel on Rhyno, win the BFG Gauntlet and align with Reno Scum”.  Since this is my article, Bold Prediction #2: “Bully Ray will return and re-form the Aces & 8’s”. This was originally added to the Heath turn. I am predicting that one or both of these things will happen and/or Heath & Reno Scum will be Aces and 8s members.

Jason Hagholm: Bold prediction “Kylie Rae submits Deanna then snaps hold to submission too long and decision is reversed.”

Mikes Take: Not as far-fetched as one would think and plays in to the storyline. This could also lead to a rematch to keep their feud going. Side Note: I was on Jason’s podcast prior to Slammiversary and predicted the Motor City Machine Guns return.

Wade Haugen: Bold Prediction: “Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock will steal the show”.

Mike’s Take: Most people think this match is gonna stink, but I have to disagree with them. This is the perfect match for Ken and Eddie is an absolute pro. Add in some bells and whistles and I agree with Wade, could be a show stealer.

Jack: Bold Prediction: “James Storm will return to IMPACT in the Gauntlet For Gold Match”.

Mike’s Take: Its been widely reported that IMPACT legend James Storm is a free agent. The Pandemic ruined his WWE deal, and recently Scott D’Amore publicly showed some interest. Would be a fun surprise.

Talking Nonsense About IMPACT Wrestling Podcast: Bold Predictions: “Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock becomes Ken & Sami vs Eddie and Angle. And Scott D’amore turns heel during main event”

Mike’s Take: Ive been longing for an Angle return and this would be the perfect spot to do it. As far as D’Amore turning heel, its something the company has been negative on in the past, but we have seen more and more of D’Amore on TV lately. Plus there’s the whole Team Canada affiliation, which was teased earlier this year.

Mr. Impact Blog: Bold Prediction: “Taylor Wilde returns in the gauntlet”.

Mike’s Take: Its no secret she was looking to return prior to the pandemic. This would be a great spot for her.

Cody: Bold Prediction: “Moose kills EC3”. Mikes Take: Wouldn’t even be the craziest thing that’s ever happened on IMPACT. Why not?

Lucha Doncic: Bold Prediction: “Tessa Blanchard returns and costs Kylie Rae the Knockouts Title”.

Mike’s Take: Time and money heals all wounds. She remains unsigned and is a big star. I say bring her back. Although they did just release her husband.

Kimberly: Bold Prediction: “Mike and Maria Bennett will return to IMPACT and Heath will turn heel on Rhyno”.

Mike’s Take: Looks like me and Kimberly are on the same page with Heath. I could totally see Mike and Maria retunring and am honestly surprised they haven’t already.

Javier Draven Bold Prediction: The Good Brothers win the World Tag Team Championships. “And maybe the tease of Jordynne ‘winning’ the X Division title on IMPACT was a way of them seeing what reaction it’d get if she actually won it. So, maaaaaybe Jordynne wins the title, but not sure 🤔. With a debut or return, I’m hoping Curtis Axel comes in… we’ll see.”

Mike’s Take: I think its highly probable that The Good Brothers or Jordynne Grace come away with Impact gold this weekend.

Will one or more of these things happen? Maybe, maybe not. Either way I’ll be looking forward to seeing how Bound For Glory plays out this Saturday Night on FITE TV. I’d like to thank everyone who helped with this article, please click the hyperlinks I provided and follow them on Twitter.

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