5 Positives and 5 Negatives of Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory was an overall solid show that ultimately failed to live up to the hype. Some was IMPACTs fault and others weren’t. Either way here were my Positives and Negatives:


Eric Young vs Rich Swann: The main event was really good. Swann and Young really put on a show and told a great story. After everything that Rich Swann has been through, it was awesome to see him capture that moment of winning the World Title

Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock: This match over-delivered. Many thought this match would stink, but I didnt. It was absolutely perfect. If the whole show wasn’t marred by distraction finishes I’d say the finish was great too. It will be interesting to see where Shamrock and Eddie go next.

The Return of Cowboy James Storm: How great was it to see Storm in an IMPACT ring? He was in great shape and looked like a million bucks. Not sure his situation but I hope he’s sticking around for the long haul.

Tag Title Match: This was pretty good despite bullshit false advertising of the MCMGs. Alex Shelley was taken out before the match began but the rest of the teams and Sabin by himself went on to have a hell of a match. The North re-captured the tag titles so I hope this means Ethan Page has signed a new deal.

The X-Division 6-way Scramble: This was a lot of fun. Rohit Raju is kind of turning in to Toro Yano from New Japan so I hope soon they give him a little credibility. But all 6 performers are great and had a fun little match.


False advertising: Kylie Rae was pulled from the co-main event with a minor injury according to Bryan Alvarez. This was known well in advance but they let everyone believe that she would be there until the match started. They tried to make good by having Su Yung return and beat Purazzo for the title, but its total bullshit. To top it off they did something similar with Alex Shelley prior to the Motor Cuty Machine Guns title match as well. If WWE and IMPACT want to understand why they lost so many fans to AEW, its because they don’t pull shit like this. When someone gets hurt or sick and can’t appear they always do the right thing and tell the audience in advance. They built trust and credibility. IMPACT started to remove the TNA stink off them but they got some of it back tonight. Will be awhile before a lot of people trust them with their money again.

Overbooking madness: Did we really need a ref bump and an interference in the Purazzo-Yung match? What was the point? Same with the gauntlet match, was it necessary to have the ref involved and have Sami distracted? Would he have lost credibility by being pinned clean by Rhyno? Same with the Eddie and Shamrock match. Its just lazy booking bullshit.

The Gauntlet: This was so silly. Wrestlehouse made me laugh a couple times but the gauntlet didn’t. Taya manhandling Larry D was eye rolling. Swoggle stopped being cute 10 years ago. Then poor Heath got hurt and totally ruined the finish. Whole thing was a mess.

Wedding Vignettes: Why have Wrestlehouse/wedding vignettes on the PPV? The PPV shows need to be built for the matches. Having these corny ass segments made it feel like another episode of TV.

Moose vs EC3 was entertaining in spots but was too long, overdone, and failed to live up to the hype. The ending saw Moose take out EC3 with a belt and seemingly has sent him packing. Not sure where EC3 stands with the company but if he’s gone already what a waste. They could have built this match as a huge main event for a heavyweight title but instead they felt it better to make something in their Junior College media class.

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