UPDATED: Kylie Rae & More Bound For Glory Fallout

UPDATE: In this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer stated that Kylie was injured during one of her matches at The Collective two weeks prior to Bound For Glory but that did not factor in to her missing the PPV. He also stated that IMPACT management conducted a wellness check at her hotel but she had already checked out. They found out that she was ok after the PPV was over.

UPDATE 10/28: Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, there is no ill will between Kylie Rae and IMPACT and they are hopeful she will return soon. They tape again from Nov 17-20 which should complete their taping schedule through Hard to Kill in January. None of the roster has heard from her as of yet. If you have been keeping up with the TV show there are plenty ready made programs for her if and when she returns.

UPDATE 10/26: Dave Meltzer on last nights Wrestling Observer Radio shed some more light on the Kylie Rae situation:

Impact officials assumed that she would eventually show up, but couldn’t find her. That’s why the situation was never mentioned prior to Yung coming out to replace her. One of the reasons they didn’t say anything or make up a storyline reason was that if something had happened to her, it would look bad. H/T 411Mania

Mike’s Take: It’s looking more and more like IMPACT was in an impossible situation. I was pretty rough on them for false advertising but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I was wrong. My apologies to the company and the fans.


UPDATE 10/25: PWInsider just reported the following in regards to Kylie Rae and IMPACT:

“they received word so late she would not be appearing that the company decided not to comment or acknowledge the issue out of respect to Rae. No one has been willing to go on record regarding the situation but we are told she is still with the company and is in good standing and is expected to return when she is able.”

Johnson is also reporting that James Storm is expected back at the at the TV Tapings tomorrow.

Chuck Obi posted this story from Fightful earlier today too.


Original Story 10/25: There were many issues last night during IMPACT’s Bound For Glory PPV. The biggest one that is drawing the most attention is Kylie Rae not appearing for the co-main event against Deonna Purazzo. their match was one of the most anticipated and most promoted matches, even warranting a pre-show documentary. While Bryan Alvarez reported last night that she was pulled for an undisclosed “minor” injury, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select is saying something different:

“we’ve heard nothing of an injury and Impact talent hasn’t been given that reason for her absence. We’ve subsequently been told that this situation was also a surprise to the company. We’ve been told that Kylie Rae is safe, but again, not at the tapings.”h/t Jack

Kylie had a similar situation pop up during her time with AEW. Hope she’s ok.

Heath was injured during the “Call Your Shot Gauntlet” last night. It was pretty clear he was having a lot of trouble from the first moment he was in the ring. He posted a picture last night of him on his way to the hospital. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that the injury caused a change to the planned finish.

(Heath) “Miller, who was injured early on into his run in the match, was initially slated to defeat Sami Callihan to win the match and earn an Impact contract. Due to the injury issue, an audible was called that saw Rhino instead go over in order to secure Miller the contract.”

While I have been unable to confirm this, but it seems obvious, looks like Alex Shelley was also unable to compete last night. His injuries couldn’t have been too serious because he was healthy enough to take a pile driver on the stage.

It doesnt appear that James Storm is back for tonights tapings in Nashville as he posted a picture of him on a plane heading to Ohio.

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