Cornette on IMPACT Wrestling: “I will never watch another IMPACT show again”

After multiple inquiries listeners of his show, Jim Cornette took a small break from hating AEW each week and turned his anger towards IMPACT. He was prepared to review last weeks show however, before he got the chance to, he caught the “Who Shot Bravo” clip on Twitter and well… in typical Cornette fashion, he didn’t like it. So much so that he has instituted the “IMPACT Rule”. The “murder mystery” riled him up so much that he proclaimed he “will never, ever, ever, watch anything that IMPACT produces ever again”. He then proceeded to pronounce his disappointment for Tommy a Dreamer who “loves the business so much he is willing to do anything the kids want to do”.

Mike’s Take: I knew exactly what I was getting myself in to when I listened to this. There was a zero percent chance he would like this. Neither did many people from his era, and that is ok. I typically don’t like this stuff either, but for some reason this got me and I am invested in “Who Shot Bravo”. I respect Cornette’s thoughts and opinions on the history of wrestling, also appreciate his history lessons as I am a wrestling history buff, but I take his views on modern wrestling with a grain of salt and listen to his audio knowing he is burying something and I expect nothing less. All this being said, him hating it so much is likely to make modern fans appreciate even more.

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