Meltzer on NJPW Working With IMPACT

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melzter commented on the apparent working arrangement between New Japan and IMPACT for Chris Bey working the Super J Cup:

“The biggest story to me is Chris Bey of IMPACT Wrestling. New Japan is promoting him from IMPACT and IMPACT is pushing him being in the tournament, so New Japan is dealing with IMPACT. If this were the case a year ago New Japan might still be on TV in the US“

Wrestling Observer Radio Clip

Mike’s Take: I really don’t know who is at fault for the NJPW-AXS TV deal falling through on the New Japan side but my God should they be banished forever. i really don’t think this is a sign of IMPACT and New Japan entering in to a partnership like NJPW-ROH, but I do see this as the door opening up for IMPACT to slide in there and swap some talent here and there. There are many NJPW contracted talents that are US residents (Cobb, KENTA, G.O.D., Clark Conners) that could be used to work dates when not taping New Japan shows and vice versa. TNA fucking up Okada was such a long time ago under a completely different ownership and management group. It’s time for the two sides to work together again and hopefully bring New Japan back to US Tv.

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