The Rascalz Headed to NXT?

Desmond Xavier, Trey Miguel, and Zachary Wentz appears to all be heading to NXT according The Wrestling Observers Dave Meltzer. Meltzer reported on last nights Wrestling Observer Radio that Xavier and Wentz were more than likely heading there, and they Trey Miguel appears to be on his way too, although Miguel has interest from AEW as well. Their signings are yet to be official but they are definitely not re-signing with IMPACT. Their last match in IMPACT is scheduled for this coming Tuesday when Dez and Wentz take on Trey and Rich Swann in a farewell match.

Mike’s Take: Big loss for IMPACT, although the company never fully got behind the trio. Trey Miguel did get pushed to the main event level and had some big matches but never held any championships. Dez and Wentz challenged for the tag titles many times and always lost. They were mainly in a gatekeeper role and spent most of their time doing comedy. The groups contracts are up and could not come to terms on a new deal. IMPACT does pay talent in their top tier pretty well but guys at the level of The Rascalz get paid per date and on a lower scale. Rascalz level acts in IMPACT parlay their exposure in to Independent dates which is how they supplement their income. Right now there are not many Indy shows going on and they certainly are not able to pay like they used to due to the lack of crowds. So with that, they were better off taking better and more steady money from WWE. I hope the best for them as all three are great, but WWE’s track record with smaller guys lately has not been great.

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