Mass Talent Exodus Looming For IMPACT?

On tonights edition of IMPACT on AXS Tv, The Rascalz bid farewell as they are expected to debut on NXT imminently. But they are not the only ones who could be leaving IMPACT soon. According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, several talents whose contracts are up at the end of the year, left the latest set of tapings without deals.

The one name mentioned specifically was former tag team champion Ethan Page of The North. Its been known for months that his deal is expiring. Page has worked really hard to get himself back in shape and has gone above and beyond in not only promoting IMPACT, but his brand.

Taya Valkyrie is another name thats been thrown around as having a deal expiring.

Mike’s Take: The writing was on the wall when The North lost to The Good Brothers at Turning Point unfortunately. That seems to be the pattern here but its not 100% exact. Losing Ethan Page would be a big blow to the company, although it would be recoverable. Page is well liked, a great worker, even better on the mic, and can wear many hats in the company. Now that he has busted his ass and got himself in shape I could see him being a top level main eventer here should he sign a deal. where Page goes if a deal doesn’t get signed here is anyones guess. Every company would be lucky to have him. WWE is back to stock piling talent as seen by their recent signings of Alex Zayne, Ben Carter, and The Rascalz so that could happen. Page has friends in AEW as well and he fits their mold of a solid worker that can talk. For me though, his best option would be IMPACT, where he could slide right in to a top spot as either a babyface or a heel and help carry the company.

As far as Taya goes, my prediction is she ends up with WWE with her husband John Morrison. She is perfect for them. Great worker adm her character work as a heel the last couple years has been fantastic. I get the feeling she is gonna die on IMPACT before the year is up.

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