REPORT: New Japan Legend Blasts Former Executive

Japanese wrestling legend, former IWGP Champion, and NWO member Masahiro Chono spoke out about the reason why he was not on commentary for the 2019 G-1 to Weekly True Story stating that it was due to Harold Meij’s intervention.

“Meij is a professional but seemed not to fit pro-wrestling that is different to normal business. Meij didn’t understand the value of New Japan’s history.” H/T Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to Dave Meltzer the issues between the two started when Chono publicly spoke out about his concerns about the Westernization of the product. Ever since Meij had issues working with him. Chono worked for TV Asahi and they supported him, but he stepped aside to not create any issues.

Mike’s Take: I think it’s safe to say that while Meij did help the New Japan business, most people in the company and former talents who are now in AEW are glad that he is gone. If you have access to Chono, you use Chono and put your ego aside. Especially if you are a behind the scenes suit.

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