Undertaker Would Not Have Chosen Brock to End The Streak

On the latest edition of Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, The Undertaker admitted that if he had his choice Brock would not have ended the streak and it would not have happened at WrestleMania 30. “I think there was some more equity in the streak” and “would have meant more with Roman a couple years later”.

According to Taker, he found out when he was losing when he got to the building that day. He didn’t like the idea ultimately went with Vince. He did not think Brock needed the victory and that he would have chosen someone that could have benefitted the most. At that point Brock was a made guy in both WWE and UFC and he was not going to get made anymore. In his opinion Roman Reigns could have benefitted the most from ending it and that’s who he would have chosen.

Mike’s Take: I’m not too sure I agree with the Deadman here. Brock was losing quite a bit up until that point and this was the moment that cemented him as a killer who could not be beaten. He was protected more than he ever had been before after this. But Roman would have definitely been a great choice especially if they decided to turn him heel after, because as we have found out, he is an amazing heel.

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