Did Brock Lesnar vs Lennox Lewis Almost Happen?

In a story that sounds way too ridiculous to be true but most likely is, Vince McMahon tried to book a legitimate fight between Lennox Lewis and Brock Lesnar, before Brock left for the UFC.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter while detailing the career of the newest UFC Hall of Fame inductee Mark Ratner, Vince McMahon apparently approached Ratner who was a Nevada state regulator at the time, about promoting an MMA show featuring boxing legend Lennox Lewis vs Lesnar and former boxing heavyweight champion Michael Moorer vs Kurt Angle.

“It was actually Lewis’ idea, looking for a lot of attention and what he thought would be an easy payday against a physically impressive weightlifter, not realizing who Lesnar was.”

McMahon needed Ratner to sanction the event but “Ratner told McMahon that the one thing he wouldn’t allow is pro wrestling worked fights on the same show as real fights, either all-real or all-pro wrestling, and it had to be under the unified MMA rules, which, in time, Lewis wanted no part of.”

Once Lewis found out that Lesnar wasn’t just a bodybuilder and was a legitimate NCAA Heavyweight Champion, he ultimately backed out and acted as if it never happened. Wise move. Lesnar would have murdered him.

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