REPORT: IMPACT Filming Multiple Versions of Storylines Due to Talent Contract Issues

Sean Ross Sapp via Fightful Select is reporting that IMPACT has had to shoot different versions of the culminations of various storylines due to the uncertainties surrounding many talents whose contracts are coming due. IMPACT has already recorded all the rest of their TV tapings up until Hard to Kill in mid January.

IMPACT producer Tommy Dreamer even discussed having to re-shoot Rich Swanns title winning celebration at Bound For Glory due to the Rascalz leaving the company:

“We had to shoot two finishes for the Ace Austin thing after Tessa had left and we also had a moment where when Rich Swann won the title. He wins the title and The Rascalz were the first people there because of how much you guys have a relationship with Rich and we are also generally happy when someone is celebrated as the champion. Rich overcame so much. We wins the title, we go off the pay-per-view, but we still…because you never know when we’re going to show the clips, you guys held him up in the air because we’re proud. I literally see this and I’m like, ‘alright, we have to get another shot. You guys have to put him down, because you’re leaving, and Eddie [Edwards] and Willie [Mack], pick him up. You guys might not be here, so then we can’t use that shot,'” said Tommy Dreamer on his House of Hardcore podcast. H/T Fightful

Mikes Take: Im sure Hard to Kill is essentially booked but what they actually end up doing will be interesting. Ethan Page and Taya are the two biggest names who have contracts expiring at the end of the year. IMPACT is offering decent money but they can’t offer the type of exposure talent can get with AEW and WWE. If you’re IMPACT, do you back up the Brinks truck for those type of talents or do you seek out younger more inexpensive talent to replace them. Its kind of like an NFL team with a salary cap. Sometimes you have to sign someone and then there are other times where you gamble by releasing/trading a talent and then drafting their replacement from college.

The Rascalz left and were great talents but their level of production cam be replaced quickly with talents like Blake Christian, Lee Moriarty, and Tre Lamar.

Ethan Page becomes more tricky. The North is one of the top tag teams on the planet and he could absolutely be a main event draw for them. Taya on the other hand is fantastic but has been phased down to the mid-card after having a record run as KO champion.

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