UPDATE: Ethan Page Quarantining Due to COVID Exposure; REPORT: IMPACT Talent Tests Positive for COVID

Ethan Page just announced on Twitter that he had to quarantine for two weeks due to being in close contact with someone who is COVID positive

ICYMI we posted the following report from Dave Meltzer earlier this week:

Dave Meltzer in his latest newsletter is reporting that an IMPACT talent has tested positive following the latest set of tapings. The name was not given but several talents who traveled with the talent has been contacted. The report also states that IMPACT has not been requiring or providing tests for the talent before each show and is really the only company not doing it. They are doing temperature checks and thats about it.

Mike’s Take: I don’t know the validity of their lack of testing but if true thats a major foul. Its so accessible and free in many places so at the very least they could require talents to hit up a Walgreens or a CVS and get a test. Even MLW and ROH are going out of their way to test the talents. There’s literally no excuse not to. The virus is real whether anyone believes it or not.

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