Top 10 AEW vs IMPACT Wrestling Matches to Make

Last week Kenny Omega and Don Callis shocked the wrestling world when Callis helped Omega win the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley and announced that he would be appearing on IMPACT Wrestling. While some have reported that this will be a one-off, I personally am confident this will be an on-going story that is going to play out over the course of 2021. With that said, here are my Top Ten AEW vs IMPACT matches I would like to see:

10. Hangman Adam Page vs Joe Doering

If you are about to accuse me of pairing these two up because they both wear cowboy hats, well you are half-right. Hangman is one of the best wrestlers in all of North America and could thrive in an All-japan strong style match working as the babyface against the big nasty heel Joe Doering.  Doering is a former Triple-Crown champion and can brawl with the best of them. Plus both men have a hell of a clothesline.

9. Ace Austin vs Rey Fenix

Ace Austin is a next-level type of junior-heavyweight star and is on the cusp of breaking out. Fenix is one of the best flyers we have ever seen and these two would put on an explosive match with fantastic storytelling.

8. Su Yung vs Britt Baker

While most of these lists have Yung vs Abadon due to their similarities, Im going with the evil Yung vs the snooty denstist due to their contrasts. Both these characters are great and I think they would play off each other very well and make for some great TV. Britt Baker is one of the great characeters in wrestling right now as a snarky-dismissive heel and Su Yung’s transformations betweent or undead/Suzie characters have been fascinating to watch.

7. Rich Swann vs PAC

The two former WWE Cruiserweight Champions have a history of matches in WWE that most will not remember, but these two have great chemistry and can flat out get it. I would love to see what they are able to do without the handcuffs of the evil empire

6. The Good Brothers vs Santana & Ortiz

While a matchup between The Good Brothers and the Bucks is inevitable and could be money, that is third on my list for future Bucks matches. Santana & Ortiz were once staples of the IMPACT Tag Team division as LAX and are criminally underrated in AEW. They could get the best out of The Good Brothers in any type of match and could help elevate both teams.

5. Moose vs Chris Jericho

Just imagine the promos leading up to this match. These two larger than life egos coming together for this match would be fun, maybe not a match of the year contender but I think these two would have great chemistry. Both these men can go when motivated and I think they would push each other. Plus this match could be the boost that Moose needs to get him to that next level of stardom he has been destined to.

4. The North vs FTR

Two of my favorite teams finally competing against each other is becoming more of a reality. The two teams have wanted to wrestle for years and have already begun lobbying for the match. If Ethan page does in fact end up with AEW after his contract expires, I feel like this could still happen especially with a partnership in place. These two teams are very similar in style but honestly are very different and I think they could match up well.

3. Sami Callihan vs Jon Moxley

This match is another that is on everyone’s list because it just makes too much sense. Callihan and Moxley started out on the indies together and were once a team called Switchblade Conspiracy. Putting these guys on a big stage in a Lights Out match would be an all-time epically violent encounter.  Would not be for the feint at heart.

2. The Young Bucks vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Honestly, I think this match is happening sooner rather than later. The Bucks paid tribute to the Guns during their match with Top Flight recently and IMPACT just last week aired part of a “MCMG vs Generation Me” match from a decade ago. These are two of the best teams in the world and the Guns helped put the Bucks on the map. They have a deep history filled with amazing matches, I’d love to see them in an extended feud played out on both shows over the course of 2021.

  1. Kenny Omega vs Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards is the cornerstone of IMPACT and is one of the most decorated champions in company history. He is also the former NOAH GHC Champion. Omega is the current AEW champ, and a former IWGP Heavyweight/Junior and Intercontinental Champ. As far as I can tell this match has never happened, but without a doubt this matchup would rate 5 stars and beyond. These two have brought their Japanese strong-style training to North America and have produced some classics but together they could have a match for the ages. There are few wrestlers in the world better than Omega and Eddie is as good on any given night as anyone out there, he just never really had tohe platform. Give me this match on PPV for 50 minutes.

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