5 takeaways from the December 8th episode of IMPACT!

Hey Everyone, my name is Chuck Obi, here to share weekly takeaways from each episode of IMPACT. Going forward, I want to ensure that this will be a recurring article for all IMPACT fans. This was a monumental episode of IMPACT as it was the highest rated episode in the IMPACT AXS TV Era.

Here are my 5 takeaways from this week’s episode of IMPACT below.

5. This was all AEW

AEW did IMPACT a solid with bringing its largest twitch audience to date with over 55,000 concurrent viewers at the end of IMPACT. Thats 18 times their usual weekly viewership of 3000 viewers. They were a top 4 channel in all of twitch last night and trended at #1 on Twitter. This crossover gave IMPACT a much needed buzz all week that has never been seen since the announcement of Hogan to TNA in 2009. The AXS TV numbers went up to 221,000 and was ranked #96 for the night in the Cable Top 150 and #123 for the night in viewership. The numbers were definitely up from last weeks show which drew 166,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating in the key demo. It was ranked #121 for the night in the Cable Top 150 and #130 in viewership.


Josh Matthews interviewed Kenny Omega and Don Callis in the last 10 minutes of IMPACT. You could clearly see Kenny Omega ‘The Cleaner’ in full display. His fair dyed black and white, his signature catchphrase “Goodbye and—” *kisses finger gun* “—good night. BANG!”. With Don Callis on his side, he is embracing the belt collector gimmick, donning the once failed gimmick of Austin Aries in 2018. With his love for collecting comic books back in the day, Omega further elaborated on his failure for not collecting the most valuable comic book and now he has a new hobby and it is the most valuable prize of them all: the AEW World Title comparing it to the Superman comics while also further hinting at collecting X-Men and the Spiderman comics (IMPACT World Title) respectively. Expect a bout between Omega and Rich Swann down the line as Rich himself was involved in the segment.


Tony Khan involved in a paid-ad with Tony Schiavone on AXS TV was one of my highlights of the night. He emphasized the Young Bucks are the best tag team in the world coupled with his admiration for our tag team division which he would love to see, thus signaling his intent that there could be a battle for tag team supremacy between AEW and IMPACT down the line which would make sense. Both companies have the best established tag teams in the world, so a battle between both companies would make sense. He further elaborates that he has some investments in Nashville and may look to buy IMPACT. My personal takeaway from this: No way the interaction between IMPACT/AEW is a one-off. A lot of work between both sides were done here for this to be a one-off, something big is going down in the incoming weeks.


There was a rapid improvement from IMPACT from both last week and this weeks episode. I firmly believe that IMPACT Management knew about this crossover earlier on and decided to make sure that these matches mattered, which was the case last night. Everything was solid and simple, as it should be going forward. No Johnny Swinger or Johnny Bravo like skits backstage, we still got Tommy Dreamer involved in multiple skits which is becoming a worrisome trend that really should be sorted out. I would strongly encourage IMPACT to completely reduce the corny, comedic skits moving forward.


While everything seemed extremely solid and good on paper, we once again always drop the ball in a moment where an opportunity is within our grasps. I say this in the sense that IMPACT tends to be missing something exciting. The lack of tournaments, stables, angles seem to be a lifetime moment for impact. The knockouts tag tournament is exciting and were grateful for the opportunity it presents for both talents and fans, but we need more of this going forward to build hype, prestige and excitement for a particular event, title and the talent involved. Imagine having the Bound for Glory Series Final in the same night this happened, or a major swerve where Eric Young announces the formulation of Team Canada. All these are hallmarks by which IMPACT can build momentum and embark on this journey with new fans as we head towards 2021.

In the coming weeks, I will touch on topics like:

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7 ways IMPACT! will need to improve.

Until then, have a good one!

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