iMPACT on AXS TV Enters Showbuzz Top 100 With Boost from Omega

The December 8th edition of iMPACT on AXS Tv scored its highest ratings to date with its most buzz-worthy episode in years, netting 221K Viewers and recording a 0.08 rating in the key 18-49 demo according to Showbuzz Daily (first reported by Jedi Goodman)

Wrestlenomic’s Brandon Thurston reported that last nights episode was the all-time recorded high for the show since AXS began reporting Neilsen ratings. The previous high was a Dec 31 episode that reported 207K viewers.

This episode was up 33% over last weeks episode that reported 166K viewers with a 0.05 demo and was good for number 121 in the Showbuzz Top 150. h/t Paul Fontaine via The Wrestling Observer

PWTorch is reporting that iMPACT beat last weeks NXT in the 18-34 demo by a 0.05 to 0.04 margin. Thats huge for iMPACT and AXS. I get the feeling iMPACT will be beating this weeks NXT demo number that will come out later today.

Twitch viewership peaked at 53K which is WAY up over their usual 2-3K weekly peaks. This of course does not take in to account average viewership as there are people who pop in and out so the numbers fluctuate.

Last nights episode was uploaded immediately to YouTube and Facebook. At press time YouTube views are up to 237K and 65K for Facebook. Again this doesn’t reflect average viewership, so someone could have just clicked the link at some point and it still gets counted.

The Tuesday Night NFL game, which was scheduled at the last minute due to COVID reasons, had 13.54M viewers in FOX and another 1.65M on NFL network.

Mike’s Take: Obviously this was a home run for AXS TV and IMPACT. The ratings could have been significantly higher is AXS TV was in more homes as the buzz was considerable. I don’t know how many of my friends who never watch reached out to me to ask me how to watch it. If AXS were more readily available I do think the ratings would be a lot higher. The NFL game also likely cut in to the growth potential this week but how much so we will never know. This has to be the highest rated TV show in the history of the channel.

Twitch seeing the biggest bump is really telling as it relates to the limitations of AXS. There are people in their 50’s who will flat out refuse to use Twitch and their “commercial time” cut aways take away from the overall presentation.

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