5 Sting Matches to Make in AEW

Now that Sting has signed and the WWE/TNA/Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer has indicated that he intends to compete in the ring again. Sting is 62 yrs old and suffers from spinal stenosis so I do not see him competing too much. He will likely appear in some tag matches and hopefully the inevitable “Blood and Guts” War Ges style match. So while he won’t do too many singles matches, here are my Top 5 matches to make for The Man Called Stiiiiiing!

5. Darby Allin

Darby comes across as a Sting acolyte and gives off the 1997 Sting-vibe. He is a great wrestler and is super-over with the crowd. I think Sting & Allin will form an alliance of some sort, but Sting always gets turned on.

4. Lance Archer

Big Lance and Sting already know each other a bit and Sting has a past with Jake Roberts. Sting has always been at his best vanquishing the big monster heels. Jake sending his monster after Sting would give that old-school nostalgia feel that AEW is going for.

3. Kenny Omega

Kenny is one of the top two or three in-ring performers in the world and with Callis as his mouthpiece they could sell the hell out of this thing. Kenny would have to slow down a big but I think with his ability and the heat that would be involved they would have a chance to make something really special.

2. Chris Jericho

Believe it or not these two legends have never crossed paths in their careers. Jericho was a Cruiserweight in WCW and never mixed with the main event talent, which led him to head to WWE. While this wouldn’t be a leg slapping/1K kickouts/50 minute classic it is probably a big box office attraction. Jericho has already begun angling for this and I hope it happens.

1. Cody Rhodes

Cody is obsessed with living out his childhood WCW fantasies and we saw last night on Dynamite that they are already planting the seeds for this match. They are gonna make us wait for it which is smart. Cody will inevitably turn heel and when he does, the Sting match will be ready made for him. The story is already starting to come together and the match will be huge.

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