Kenny Omega will be returning to IMPACT, Madison Rayne no longer on Commentary

Dave Meltzer reported in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Kenny Omega is will make appearances on Impact television, including next Tuesday, 12/15 and will also headline at least some Impact PPV shows.

Madison Rayne looks to be finishing up with her color commentary role at IMPACT. Rayne will be leaving the booth here in the near future as IMPACT is in search for a new person to fill the role of the Ventura to Josh Mathews’ Monsoon (it should be noted that unlike Mathews and Rayne, Gorilla and Jesse were never married). Mathews will, however, remain in the lead commentator role.

CHUCKS TAKE: Kenny Omega brought numbers to IMPACT that has not been seen since the TNA Spike TV Era. He’s more than welcome to come back because, if we IMPACT fans look at the bigger picture it will work favorably in IMPACT’s interest. Imagine getting a sweet Twitch streaming deal because of those numbers. That was a massive upside for IMPACT and they will need to take advantage of all this buzzard excitement moving forward. Imagine the endless matches that could involve Omega with some of the IMPACT Stars. it could elevate likes of Swann, Alexander, Moose etc. If I were IMPACT, we bring back the Bound for Glory Series and involve Omega in the tournament. It will elevate the tournament, the stars involved, the Bound for Glory ppv and it will have fans excited for the tournament taking place every year. Prime examples are the G1 Climax and the Royal Rumble.

As for the commentary booth situation, The prime candidate will obviously be Matt Striker. I’m sure a lot of IMPACT fans, myself included would want Mike Tenay to return. Mike Tenay obviously will not be returning and not with Josh as the lead commentator. However, I love the changes made, Madison is really good, but she doesn’t bring the best out of Josh Mathews, who hasn’t been very good at the broadcast booth himself. Both Matthews and Striker compliment each other very well and did a good job a couple weeks ago on an episode of IMPACT. Once again, love the changes as it shows IMPACT are actually paying attention to the fans.

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