Top IMPACT Star Finishing With The Company Soon?

It’s been previously reported regarding several IMPACT wrestlers who have contracts expiring at the end of the year.  The three wrestlers currently discussed are Sami Callihan, Taya Valkyrie and Ethan Page.

There has been internal discussions from some of the talents and staff at IMPACT, that Sami Callihan will remain, no word yet on Taya and with Ethan Page, there’s word that he might leave IMPACT once his deal expires at the end end of the year according to Dave Meltzer, as he reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

CHUCK’S TAKE: Personally, I’ve opened my mind to the possibility that talents will leave IMPACT to look for greener pastures due to our current standing in regards to the other bigger companies. Now this is my advice to IMPACT. Josh Alexander is a star in the making and his deal expires in 2022, I’d give him a 2-3 year contract extension immediately with guarantee competitive pay increase and ensure him that he will be our main event star going forward.

Now, that Ethan will probably leave which is fine as he is a phenomenal talent that will do well in promotions like WWE and AEW, I’d focus on signing popular free agent tag teams like AOP and the Ascension. Having those two tag teams will create enough buzz and add a lot of additional eyes on IMPACT now they are in crossovers with AEW.

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