IMPACT Final Resolution Preview

On the heels of one of the biggest weeks for the company in the last few years, Impact presents their latest Impact Plus exclusive event “Final Resolution” with a main event featuring young upstart Chris Bey challenging world champion Rich Swann.

The event was taped several weeks ago in Skyway Studios in Nashville, however there was a crew in town filming segments last week after the shocking revelation that AEW Champion Kenny Omega will be a part of Impact going forward. This will be the launch pad for the road to Hard to Kill, Impacts next major Pay Per View that is likely to be headlined by Omega. People have complained that this is not a PPV quality card and the reason for that is, its not a PPV. Its an app exclusive that does not have major implications. Impact often uses these events to try new things (like Bey in a main event) and test out future matchups. With that being said, last months “Turning Point” event had two title changes.

The event is available via the Impact Plus app or through an Impact Plus subscription through FITE TV. People have been having issues with the Impact app so I’d use FITE.

World Champion Rich Swann vs Chris Bey

These two can flat-out go and I expect them to attempt to tear the house down. This is Bey’s first main event opportunity (not counting weekly Tv) in the company. This is also the first *major event headlined by two black wrestlers since WWF Summerslam 2001 when Booker T and The Rock met for the WCW Championship. Even then, that was a co-main. Im sure that history is not lost on these two. Oddly enough, Bey will also be appearing at the same time for New Japan competing in the Super J Cup. 2020 is wild. Prediction: Swann retains in a really good match.

Ethan Page vs Karl Anderson (if Page wins, The North get a title rematch)

There are several rumors that Page, whose contract is coming due shortly, will be leaving the company. Page recently lost to Swoggle on TV and just last week he accidentally cost Josh Alexander a match against Chris Sabin, causing friction between the two. Sounds like a way to write someone off TV. These two guys are pretty good and Anderson is outstanding when motivated. Prediction: Karl Anderson wins

Knockouts Title Match: Deonna Purazzo vs Rosemary

Deonna has been fantastic in every big match she has been in since joining the company in July. Rosemary has been stepping up her game too and this should be a fun match. Not expecting an all time classic and thats ok. Rosemary got the title shot due to her and partner Taya defeating the team of Purazzo and Kimber Lee in the KO Tag Team Title tournament when Rosemary pinned Lee. I fully expect to see Su Yung make an appearance here. That said, Purazzo is gonna be champ for a long time. Prediction: Purazzo retains.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Eddie & Alisha Edwards vs Tenille and Kaleb with a K

Please be quick. They are gonna call him Kaleb with a L after this one. Prediction: Eddie & Alisha win

Havoc & Naveah vs The Sea Stars

The Sea Stars were impressive in their Impact debuts last month and I hope they stick around. But Havoc and Naveah are gonna make quick work out of these two. Prediction: Havoc and Naveah

No DQ: Tommy Dreamer vs Larry D

If Larry D wins he will not be prosecuted for the attempted murder of John E. Bravo. Ugh. I was one of those that thought the Bravo shooting was hilarious but boy have they dropped the ball since. Now with all the new eyeballs they can’t drop this story fast enough. Ace Austin, Moose, and the Motor City Machine Guns aren’t on this show btw. Prediction: Larry wins his freedom.

Eric Young vs Rhyno

You wouldn’t know it by the advertisement, but this is a match between two former Impact world champions and future hall of famers. This match comes as a result of attacks by Young and Joe Doering on Heath and Rhyno. Doering will likely be by the side of Young and could be a factor here. Still not sure what Young’s motivation has been and he just jeeps muttering about owning the world ala Psycho Sid. Not sure if Rhyno is part owner of the world Young is speaking about, regardless this should be a solid match between two vets. Prediction: Eric Young wins

Defeat Rohit” X-Division Title Open Challenge

Rohit Raju is a Combat Republic favorite but the “Defeat Rohit” challenge has ran its course. The open challenge surprises have not really excited anyone. They are teasing that TJP will appear as Manik under a mask as TJP lost a match on Impact weeks ago against Raju with the stipulation that if he lost he could never challenge Rohit again. Of course TJP lost to Brian Myers on Impact this week so it’s possible Myers answers the challenge. Its also possible that TJ appears as Manik, wins, and then sets up a match against Myers. Or none of the above happens and another opening match guy answers like whats been happening (Jake, Crazy Steve, Suicide #497, etc..). If they really want to make a splash, have Ace Austin challenge and win and bring some prestige back to the title. Prediction: Manik (TJP) answers the challenge and wins.

Hernandez vs Fallah Bah: Winner Gets a Wad of Cash

For as long as these two have been fighting over this wad of cash, I’m surprised no one has spent any of the money. Its bottom of the card stuff that really has no business on the show, but I’m sure it will be quick. Prediction: Who knows. Someone will get the money. Probably Hernandez since its his anyway.

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