5 Takeaways From The December 15th Episode of IMPACT!

Tonights episode of IMPACT was the fallout from Final Resolution and a prelude to Hard To Kill as rivalries continued and matches were set for the Genesis special on January 9th and the Hard To Kill main event on January 16th.


This storyline has long over done its tenure at IMPACT. Whoever came up with this storyline, needs to be called out for such a ridiculous concept to be published on national tv. What started off as a mere hand wrestling match between Hernandez and IMPACT security guards, have now turned into an overdone mess that completely makes no sense at all. That money should have been spent a long time ago and now its changing hands once again with Johnny Swinger now holding the cash. This storyline makes so sense, it’s neither dramatic or comedic in nature, if anything, its mere existence is in place to weaken the superstars involved.


The IMPACT faithful got a taste of Willie Mack in this underdog role. He was so pumped up after being pummeled by Moose consecutively and did not appreciate being called out by Moose as a result. He delivered a fiery promo against Moose saying he will only give up on his terms and will not be needing the refs to make that call by further requesting that both he and Moose engage in an ‘I Quit Match’ at Genesis, before brawling to close the segment. This particular segment was good, and it brought out a more serious side to both competitors as Willie wanted to rip Moose’s head off, and Moose eviscerating an IMPACT security guard in the process for running his suit. I’m looking forward to this match at Genesis.


Kiera and Tasha are my pick to win the knockouts Tag team Titles. Both stars are money for IMPACT and are a largely entertaining duo. Kiera is a future knockouts champion and she seems to be growing into her own as a star. Tasha on the other hand is phenomenal and entertaining, and she did an excellent job as a ring announcer for Kiera’s entrance at Final Resolution. They really live up to their moniker as ‘fireandflava’. They bring the fire to their opponents and add a certain flavor to each promo or segment they are constantly involved. Forget Sasha and Bayley, these duo are money right there if utilized properly. Not giving them the tag titles at Hard to Kill will be a major disappointment.


Everyone that follows me on twitter knows that he was my favorite to return to IMPACT. I always knew he was such a good talent and since he returned, he has been nothing short of phenomenal. His Slammiversary return was well received, his promos, and feuds with both Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann have been excellent so far. He’s living up to his catchphrase ‘its all by design’ as he has recruited Joe Doering, two time AJPW Triple Crown Champion as his enforcer and looks to be recruiting Cody Deaner into the fold. Whats amazing about his Eric Young lately has been his promos. Tonights promos was well produced, and if its a faction looking to be developed, the slow build to a potential faction would simply be amazing, as its something not done so often, but when executed is nothing short of excellence. Looking forward to the direction Eric Young and Cody Deaner seem to be taking.


In my last article, I hinted at the possibility of this faction taking shape in IMPACT, and it looks to be the case with what transpired at the end of the Sabin-Anderson main event. The brawl between the Bullet Club OGs and Rich Swann with the Motor CiTY Machine Guns sparked the revival with the Good Brothers performing the ‘two sweet’ gesture as Don Callis utilized his executive powers to initiate a match between Omega and the Good Brothers vs Rich Swann and the MCMG at Hard to Kill on January 16th. This moved once again, brought out one of the Bullet Club Originals in Tama Tonga to remind Omega the events that took place at the G1 Special in San Francisco two years earlier.

The events that seem to be unfolding is no doubt signaling a potential triumvirate between IMPACT, AEW and NJPW with Bullet Club leading the helm. Seems like 2021 is already off to a new start. 

CHUCKS TAKE: Tonights episode of IMPACT was very good storyline wise. I was particularly fond of the Moose-Mack Confrontation, Tony Khan’s Ad segment, Young-Deaner alliance, Bullet Club revival. However, what IMPACT makes up in good storylines, their booking of matches remain poor. Tonight they took it a step further by having all their matches overbooked. Part that pains me as an IMPACT fan, is that there matches are actually solid, but IMPACT chooses to make things so complicated when it comes to in-ring. 2021 is shaping up nicely, and one of the main things, that should change is the Jeff Jarrett era of overbooking.

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