6 Takeaways From IMPACT Plus Final Resolution

We are at the Final Event of IMPACT’s 2020 calendar year. I touched on my 6 Takeaways from IMPACT Plus. Events that took place during this special were observed and have been a recurring theme for IMPACT were displayed below.


Its become a known tradition for IMPACT to constantly have issues regarding their impact plus specials. Whether its the poor production at the events, or migrating IMPACT Plus to a new system two days before an impact plus special, it is no secret IMPACT tends to be so disorganized and unprepared when it comes to IMPACT Plus. This weekend was no surprise.  Users once again had issues logging in the day of Final Resolution, which many believe prompted IMPACT to have the event available for free on the IMPACT website, once again losing revenue from a massive overflow of AEW fans who tuned in last Tuesday. 


IMPACT comparatively to the rest of the major promotions prides themselves on the use of storylines to provide an alternate form of wrestling. While it has rightfully earned IMPACT rave reviews from wrestling pundits and fans worldwide, what sense does a storyline make, if it’s not executed properly in the ring for the wrestling populace. At Final Resolution, roughly 6 finishes out of 9 matches were overbooked including a good number of matches at Bound For Glory, our biggest event of the year. Constant overbooking shows a lack of innovation from IMPACT when it comes to finishing. Why does everything have to be predictable? A simple roll-up would suffice if your trying to protect the strength of an opponent. There are so many ways to integrate an excellent finish to a match than heavily relying on a ref bump or a mere distraction, considering now IMPACT is possibly catering to a new audience whose reliance on excellent matches, solid feuds and solid finishes is the difference maker between then and AEW. This really has to change. 


Jake Something is an incredible wrestler. I’m a big fan of his work from what’s been seen on the Indies. He’s the talent, that if IMPACT values and locks him down for a long time, can be a pillar for IMPACT, along with Ace Austin, Chris Bey, Rohit and Rich Swann. This potential breakup from Cody Deaner will open up a door for him to venture into the singles route, where he can flourish and have classic bangers with some of the members on the IMPACT roster. His bout with Rohit was really good and should’ve been given more time, but nevertheless, the match displayed his in-ring prowess to the rest of the IMPACT faithful. Im curious to see the direction he takes at IMPACT. For him to elevate his profile among the IMPACT greats, I’d host tournaments like the Super-X Cup, Bound For Glory Series, either hold the X-Division title or a new secondary title, but he needs a solid push moving forward. 


Kenny Omega returned to IMPACT once again at Final Resolution in a segment with Karl Anderson and Don Callis, and apparently its the first time they’ve seen each other in years, so it was a nice reunion. Luckily, Karl Anderson was on the list of guests invited to see Omega unlike Rich Swann who unfortunately wasn’t invited to the trailer. Having Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson in that segment hints at the possibility of a Bullet Club reunion, since Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows have been teasing it on their social media mentions. Tama Tonga, the last remaining founding father of Bullet Club hinted his displeasure at the prospect of having Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers returning to the Bullet Club. Only time will tell.


Moose is a star and should be given the World Title. He’s built like a champion, he carries himself like a Champion, He fights like a Champion and more importantly, He presents himself like a Champion. He has the best presentation in all of IMPACT today. His drop kicks right now are probably the best in wrestling, the only star that I can think of that does better drop kicks than Moose is Okada, which should not be a crime at all as Okada is the best wrestler in the world right now. I would say it’s really unfortunate the TNA World Heavyweight Championship isn’t a registered IMPACT title because he added a lot of value to a now defunct title. A talent like Moose needs a faction behind him that shares his similar interest and relates to his current gimmick. “He brings Pain”, a gimmick that was adopted after his ‘Narrative’ was realized. The only tag team that can relate with him on that level are the ‘Authors of Pain”. The size of those men will give Moose the ammunition he needs to bring ‘Pain’ to the IMPACT roster as EC3 had always known which is why he pushed him to realize his narrative. Having Moose, Authors of Pain, and maybe one superstar sharing similar interests will be money for IMPACT. Imagine that faction causing Rich Swann and Willie Mack all sorts of problems.


Chris Bey is a star period. Besides his amazing in-ring work, his charisma, charm and presentation is really not seen anywhere in wrestling today. He’s beginning to have a cult following which is really impressive, but the fact that he wrestled at the main event of Final Resolution and made it to the semi-finals of the NJPW Super J Cup all at the same night reminiscent of his same night appearance with IMPACT and the WWE last night is remarkable and impressive, and as a black man like him, I’m remarkably proud. He’s pretty young and has roughly 25 years to compete at a high level. Like Ace Austin, Jake Something, Rohit, Rich Swann. IMPACT has a set of young talents they will need to sign in the long term in order for them to be the cornerstones of the promotion. Title Reigns is not sufficient enough, they need tournaments, solid feuds and memorable storylines to ensure long term standing and prestige. Regardless of all that, Bey is a star that should not be prized off IMPACT hands.

CHUCKS TAKE: The event was really subpar. IMPACT really did a good job with Victory Road and Turning Point, and I really wonder what changed with Final Resolution. The matches were not good at all; They were heavily overbooked, storylines were meaningless, corny and irrelevant. If I’m cherry picking, I will advise fans to watch the Manik-Rohit, Ethan-Anderson and Swann-Bey matches because they were really good. The Swann-Bey match was a banger and saved what would really could’ve been a very bad special.

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