CM Punk: MMA Fighters Need to Unionize; I was Too Old to Fight

Former WWE Champ and UFC Fighter CM Punk was recently a guest on “Oral Sessions” with Rene Paquette (Young) and spoke on a variety of topics including whether or not he would return to wrestling, his MMA career, and spoke about fighter unionization.

“There’s a lot of locker room money that people don’t know about and he gets a lot of flak for [not paying fighters enough], That being said, I do also think fighters need to get paid a whole hell of a lot more. But a lot of that time when he lashes out when people are complaining about pay and unionization, it’s because he knows, ‘hey, I just gave that guy $250,000 under the table’ but you can’t talk about it. But he should still pay people more and fighters need to get together and unionize anyway.”h/t Fightful

Mike’s Take: Kind of funny to hear him speak about fighter unionization especially considering people have been calling for wrestlers to do the same. He said he doesn’t think wrestlers will do it. The likelihood of this actually coming to pass is slim and none but the more people that talk about it openly the better.

He also went on to speak about why is MMA career was such a flop. Essentially it’s because he was too old to begin. If he had a major athletic background maybe he would have been more successful at his age. Other men have begun in their 30s and done quite well such as Daniel Cormier and Matt Mittrione. But pro wrestling does not really translate well unless you are trained as a shooter like they do in Japan.

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