Yoel Romero vs Rumble Johnson Coming Soon?

Yoel Romero, the newest Bellator MMA signee, told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that there’s a 90% chance he fights Anthony Rumble Johnson next at 205lbs.

The two former UFC stars recently signed with Bellator and both have entered the Light heavyweight Division and appear to be on a collision. Yoel is 43 years old and is on a bit of a losing streak but believes he has a lot left in the tank. Rumble, 36, last fought Daniel Cormier for the UFC LHW title in 2017 and retired following the fight. Neither men were able to capture UFC gold.

Betting Odds according to Bet Online have Yoel as a +135 favorite to Johnsons -155. If I were a betting man (I Am) Id go with Romero as he has been active fighting the best in the world the last three years while Rumble and been working his way to Super Heavyweight. Rumble could end any fight in a split second though.

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