Main Reason Why Ace Austin Has Not Been On IMPACT!

According to the Wrestler Observer Newsletter, there is a reason why Ace Austin has not been on tv.

‘People have asked about Ace Austin, since he’s been off television. There’s no real story to it. He just hasn’t had a feud on the books and rather than just have him lose to the people who are in the current mix, he’s sitting it out. He’s been to all the tapings and will be back in the mix soon’.

CHUCK’S TAKE: I’m not a big fan of Ace Austin not being featured regularly on TV. Regardless of not having a story for Ace Austin, this is a man you’re building for the future. I would put him in matches against random talents and have him win to further elevate his profile. Ace is money, and having a story where he can build a faction with Madman Fulton and Reno Scum establishes a ‘cool factor’ for IMPACT. There are so many creative ways to find stories for characters and not dedicating the time or resources to find a story for a talent like Austin screams ‘laziness’ and a ‘lack of an innovative team’ to build something for him. I’m extremely happy they are reviving the Super X Tournament as he should be featured in that category, have quality matches preferably with the likes of Chris Bey, and win the whole thing to further elevate his profile and character.

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