A Look At WON Star Ratings

While putting together a collection of my favorite matches for the 2020 year I began to wonder just exactly how has the overall quality of wrestling been affected by the loss of fans? As a hardcore viewer you definitely miss the big pops, the chants, and the energy the crowd brings but has the in ring quality remained even without people in attendance? I got bored and took a short dive into this to look over the last few years. And while you can say from the last two years quality may be down, it is still up for the years prior. Here’s a look:

             6*+  5* Range  4* Range 
*Star ratings are courtesy of Dave Meltzer at WON and complied by cagematch.net

Looking purely at the numbers your bulk of quality matches will be in that 4* range and the numbers hold up in 2020 very well even with most companies not putting on shows for a bulk of the year. New Japan Pro Wrestling took months off as did Ring of Honor, All Japan, Pro Wrestling Noah, and many more. The closest we came to business as usual in fact was All Elite Wrestling and of course World Wrestling Entertainment. With these numbers not being finalized (WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs has yet to be rated) it is still a huge year to have around 200 matches rated in the four star range and seven matches between all companies rated that coveted five stars or higher.

Joe’s Take:

The year 2020 was rough on everyone but from a wrestling standpoint you can do nothing except be happy with what we as fans were able to receive. Having this many quality matches with virtually no fans a majority of the year just speaks to the talent we have in the ring right now. And dare I say my favorite match of the year, WALTER vs Ilja Dragunov, actually BENEFITED from not having fans in attendance giving more of that physical backyard fight feel which both competitors excelled in. While NXT may have been hurt by the lack of audience, they rely on big pops during matches, seeing each company and wrestler adapt has been truly remarkable. Here is to an even better 2021.

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