IMPACT Wrestling Stars To Show Up At AEW Dynamite? 5 Takeaways From The December 22nd Episode Of IMPACT!

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT featured the year long IMPACT awards and further continued the build to IMPACT Hard To Kill which is shaping up to be the highest grossing PPV in the Anthem Era. Here are my 5 Takeaways from tonight’s episode.


Tony Khan once again showed up on IMPACT via paid ad along with Tony Schiavone where they ran down the matches that will take place on Dynamite tomorrow night. He further stated that IMPACT should look to bring their talents over to Dynamite, once again hinting at the possible collaboration between both companies which should be enough to have IMPACT fans to tune in tomorrow night for any potential IMPACT talent sighting. I believe Swann and the MCMG would be looking for Omega tomorrow. How about next Wednesday? during the Omega Vs Fenix match, are we going to see the Good Brothers debut and square up against the Death Triangle (PAC and the Lucha Bros)? We have never been introduced to a match between the Good Brothers vs the Lucha Brothers. Curious to see how everything will go down in the incoming weeks.


Ace Austin is a star in the making in the immediate future for IMPACT or any promotion he signs for, as he won the X-Division Star of the Year award. He adds an extra layer of star power for the x-division that is missing. Alongside Manik, Rohit, Bey, Something; IMPACT has a set of x-division stars that is almost reminiscent of the old TNA X-divison that featured the likes of Styles, Joe, Daniels, Sabin etc.


The Super X Tournament is shaping up nicely as solid candidates were revealed. among the talents were top indie stars such as Tre lemar, KC Navarro, Blake Christian alongside IMPACT’s X-Division stars such as Ace Austin, Jake Something, Suicide, Crazy Steve and Daivari. I’m predicting an Ace Austin vs Blake Christian final, with an Ace Austin vs Jake Something semi-final preceding it, which I firmly believe would be a banger of a match. Its good this tournament is kicking off in 2021.


This is a big fight feel. Taya is a phenomenal wrestler and still carries a level of momentum from her previous role as IMPACT Champion. She’s the ideal challenger to Deonna Purazzo as she was the longest reigning knockouts champion in IMPACT history. If I were IMPACT, I’d have Taya win this bout at Hard To Kill, which in turn, can set the stage for a long term feud and rivalry between the two, to be settled at either the IMPACT + specials or Rebellion.


To be quite honest, who needs Tessa Blanchard anyway, when you have Deonna Purazzo. Her IMPACT signing was buzz worthy before the Slammiversary PPV announcements that rocked the IMPACT world. Initially, she seemed like the prime AEW signing due to her friendships with members of the roster. Deonna joining IMPACT was entirely shocking and since her debut, she has featured in some amazing bouts against the likes of Jordynne Grace and Su-Yung/Susie. Known as the ‘Virtuosa and the Ironwoman’ she is the second female wrestler in IMPACT history to win Wrestler of the Year and the first female to win both Wrestler of the Year and Knockout of the Year simultaneously. That is an amazing feat for her as she has carried the torch for IMPACT since she debuted. A phenomenal star.

CHUCKS TAKE: This episode of IMPACT while it was mostly a filler episode that went through the rivalries of this year, was a very good show. I actually enjoyed the character developments that transpired during the months, highlighting some of the new signings, IMPACT-AEW partnership and the breakdown of both the Genesis IMPACT Plus Special and Hard To Kill PPV. I have no issue with this episode so far, I actually think its a good thing that these episodes happen in order to produce fresh content for the new year. IMPACT should highlight these awards more for talent introductions or commentary as it adds some prestige and character development to the talents involved.

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