Update on Su-Yung/Susie

Su-Yung/Susie is a very interesting character currently in IMPACT. There has been rumblings on how IMPACT were able to pull out the both appearances weeks ago.

According to Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp stated the following:

“For those wondering how it worked with Su Yung’s trickery in she and Susie both appearing on screen in a recent episode of IMPACT, there was obviously creative editing to get her in the Susie outfit, and then back into the Su Yung makeup. For those asking who portrayed the Su Yung stand-in, we’re told that it was a stage hand that is often at the IMPACT Wrestling tapings”.

CHUCK’S TAKE: To be quite honest, it was a brilliant strategy and a massive advantage by IMPACT due to the lack of fans all due in thanks to the pandemic. While it completely sucks with the lack of fan presence as it adds to the feel of a match, it still gives IMPACT the room to try new things with their stars, especially with a character as interesting as Su-Yung.

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