Details on Brodie Lee Tribute Show

AEW CEO scrubbed the entire scheduled plans for the Dec 30 edition of Dynamite late Sunday night according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. After a conversation with Dave on Sunday Night, Khan stayed up all night and re-wrote the show, ultimately removing the scheduled main event of Omega vs Fenix. This weeks Dynamite will be a Brodie Lee tribute show headlined by a 6-man tag match featuring Brodie Lee Jr’s favorites of Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassiday, and John Silver vs Team Taz(Cage, Starks, and Hobbs).

Meltzer also noted that Brodie tested negative for COVID several times while in the hospital, so that should put that so-called, very pathetic controversy to bed. AEW kept Brodie’s health issues quiet per the families request. He had been ill since late October.

Mike’s Take: I am 100% crying during this tribute show. I did during the Eddie Guerrero tribute show and this one is hitting me just as hard. We are close in age and Dads to young kids, I can’t imagine what they are going through. God bless AEW and Tony Khan for how well they are handling this.

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