Jim Cornette on the Passing of Brodie Lee

Jim Cornette spoke about the passing of Brodie Lee on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience. He stated that he wasn’t a fan of the Dark Order snd did not care for the booking, but he completely rescinds any criticism he may have directed at Brodie Lee in light if the fact that it’s possible he may have been wrestling with the condition that led to his death for awhile.

He was also complimentary of AEW’s handling of the situation, most notably their ability to keep a secret:

“there’re three main forms of communication, telephone, telegraph and tell-a-wrestler, but apparently a lot of people in the company knew about this for a while and because they all liked him so much and they promised his family and you don’t want people talking about it, nobody said anything. This is the first secret of this magnitude I can ever remember being kept in the wrestling business by that many people.” h/t Inside the Ropes

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