Zicky Dice Officially a Free Agent; Talks Heat With Nick Aldis

Former NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice announced via Twitter that as of Midnight he was a Free Agent. Zicky had asked for his release earlier this year from the NWA. In an interview with Sean Riss Sapp of Fightful, Zicky stated that he had issues with his pay (original offer was $250 per month) and felt like he had over delivered during his matches and especially his segments on Carnyland.

He also stated that there were issues between him and NWA Champ Nick Aldis, who apparently thought Zicky wiggled his hips too much during matches and carried himself like he was a big deal. (Mike’s Note: Could you imagine, Nick Aldis being mad that a wrestler was carrying themselves like a big deal). Reports came out earlier this year that Dice had heat in the locker room and came off as ungrateful. Turns out he really only had heat with one guy as everyone else seems to genuinely like him.

Dice also made it very clear that he wants to work for AEW now that he is a free agent. He feels like he could bring alot to the table there, not just in the ring but in a creative capacity as it relates to what he is doing.

Mike’s Take: Unless Zicky has a deal on the table with AEW, I’d advise against being so blatant that thats where he wants to go. He might want to speak highly of the other companies as well to increase his bargaining power. AEW is loaded right now and if he doesn’t sign there, the other promotions and their fan bases now know his intentions and they may struggle to get behind him. Good news for him is he is really talented and that usually shines through. Zicky and Ricky Starks were the two guys that really stood out to me as stars (besides Aldis) during the short-lived NWA reboot. I think he could be a real asset to any company. He is good in the ring, he’s a Rollins trained guy, can talk, is willing to go above and beyond, and has a character that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. That last aspect is so important for TV wrestling. Will be interesting to see where the “Outlandish” one ultimately ends up.

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