The Young Bucks On The IMPACT-AEW Partnership.

In a recent interview on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer, the Young Bucks discussed AEW’s partnership with Impact Wrestling, and much more. You can read Nick Jackson’s comments below.

He stated,

“I don’t think there’s like a certain amount of time planned. I think it’s pretty much ‘Let’s see how this thing goes’ and if it continues to be hot, why stop it? I don’t think there’s an endgame on it yet. Obviously, there’s creative that we can’t talk about that we know about that will last a while, but I don’t know how long.”

CHUCK’S TAKE: Personally, this is the best approach at the moment. There’s no endgame to it at all. It can continue years down the line. Opportunity is endless. However, from a business perspective, the future of this partnership depends on how hot this partnership is for both sides, primarily AEW. They have to get something out from this in return. IMPACT will face an upheaval battle of having to ensure that they get their product hot which is almost impossible. Every buzz worthy moment that has happened in IMPACT last year was a situation that fell into their lap; it was created or manufactured by them. Lets just hope things get interesting in 2021.

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