“Crazy Person” Hector Lombard” Is “Like A Stalker” Sparring, Says Brad Pickett

UFC Legend recently spoke with Fightful MMA’s Shakiel Mahjouri and spoke about his sparring partner Hector Lombard calling him a “crazy person”.

UFC legend Brad Pickett, who called Hector Lombard “a crazy person.” 

Brad Pickett on “crazy person” Hector Lombard:

“A crazy person is Hector Lombard,” Pickett began. “He is very known for sparring quite hard. I remember this clear as day. We were doing a little warm-up round. It’s the first round of the day just to get warm. Hector Lombard was notorious for this. He did this not just once, but multiple times.”

Hector Lombard KOing training partner:

“We’re getting warmed up, very light, doing motion,” he continued. “All we hear is [smack, smack, smack]. We turn around and this guy is laying stiff on the floor. Hector Lombard is walking around like a stalker and had knocked him out cold. You’re thinking, ‘It’s the warm-up round. What’s going on?’ He has two switches: go and stop. That’s all he has. He has no in-between whether he is going with a heavyweight or flyweight.

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