Max Griffin Trained “4-On-1” MMA: “It Was Life Or Death”

In an interview with Fightful MMA’s Shakiel Mahjouri, UFC fighter Max Griffin detailed the insane four-on-one full-contact sparring he used to engage in. The UFC welterweight described it as a “life or death” training environment with knockouts in effect. Read the full article here

Max Griffin on 4 vs. 1 training:

“We used to do four-on-one MMA,” Griffin revealed. “Me and Anthony Hernandez, my boy, we were at this gym in Woodland, [California] a while back. This must have been like 10-years-ago. We did three-on-one, four-on-one, full contact knockouts. It was so stressful when you were that one guy that got jumped. It was life or death.”

Max Griffin on its purpose:

“The point of that — which wasn’t too safe, you got blind-sided and fucking cold-clocked and hit in the back of the head and jumped — you’d get cornered, but you learn that after fighting a bunch of people, fighting one person ain’t shit. So try me motherfucker,” he chuckled. “It was really scary. It wasn’t like sparring. And everyone was good. We’re not bums fighting. We were amateurs then but we had skill.”

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