RELEASE: How Brad Pickett Spent The Night At Robbie Williams’ Mansion

Former UFC fighter Brad Pickett recently sat down with Fightful MMA’s Shakiel Mahjouri and told a funny story about the time he spent the night at UK Pop Star Robbie William’s mansion h/t Fightful MMA


Brad Pickett on how it started: 

“This is the strangest one. Weirdest thing ever. So glad I remembered this. Not even fighting related because obviously fighting you get quite well known, people know you,”Pickett began. “My wife does spray tans. So she was doing mobile spray tans, she was doing spray tans for some celebrities. She was doing a spray tan for Robbie Williams and his wife, it was over the Christmas period, and they asked if Sarah would do it, and they’d pay her quite a bit of money to go do the spray tan, and I’ll come with her.”

Brad Pickett on arriving at the mansion:

“So we drove, can’t remember where it was, to this fucking massive mansion. Robbie Willliams’ place, out in the country, and I was just sitting in the car while my wife went into the house,” the retired fighter continued. “A butler came and got her, took her into the house, and I’m just wasting time playing Clash of Clans or something on my phone, messing around. Next thing I know, I get a message on my phone ‘Robbie asks if you’re any good at FIFA’. I’m like, ‘Well if he wants to get beat, I’ll beat him.'”

Brad Pickett on meeting Robbie Williams:

“[The] butler came out, took me into the house. Weirdly, didn’t even play FIFA. Just sat around started chatting. He had a few of his band members around, people he worked with. We all started chatting, offered me some food,” Pickett shared. “They had a chef cook me some food right there and then. Next thing I know, we went and played some pool, then we sat down and watched a film, and then I end up staying at his house. I stayed the night at Robbie Williams house, next morning just got up and went.”

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