RELEASE: Dan Ige Reflects On Meeting “Ferocious Animal” Mike Tyson

Dan Ige recently spoke with Fightful MMA’s Shakiel Mahjouri and told a great story of meeting Mike Tyson and Tyson Ranch:

Dan Ige on how he met Mike Tyson: 

“I’d say the coolest was maybe, Mike Tyson, just hanging out, going out to the Tyson Ranch. Just kinda being around, went out there, everyone smoking weed. It was a cool experience just to kinda be around someone that I looked up to my whole life, watching his fights and his highlights. Just a ferocious animal. To be in his presence and just listen to him talk,” Ige shared. “The ranch is pretty cool. Small little room, I guess they have a full-on boxing ring in there now, and like bags, but that wasn’t in there when we went. But it was cool, they had a nice setup, all their CBD products, joints lying around everywhere, rolling papers.”

Dan Ige assesses Mike Tyson:

“He just seemed super calm and chill, but I feel like if you say the wrong thing, he kinda gets kinda nuts,” he explained. “You’ve seen him in some interviews, don’t question him. But he’s cool and laid back, and he has a lot of stories, so it’s cool to sit back and listen and hear what he has to tell.”

Mike’s Take: Meeting Tyson would be a dream come true and there is a zero percent chance it would go the way I’d hope it would. He is a crazy man and is one of the kist fascinating characters in the history of sports. Very cool that Ige got to hang with him. Its not like Ige is super famous or anything.

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