5 Takeaways From Genesis on IMPACT Plus

Genesis is the First IMPACT Plus Event of 2021 and the first event since 2018. Tonight’s card featured the Super X Tournament, Jordynne Grace vs Jazz and Moose vs Willie Mack in an ‘I Quit Match’. Here are the 5 takeaways from this event.


Jordynne vs Jazz was an excellent match, a match which both competitors brought out their a-game. Jazz was so relentless throughout, came off as a force of nature, a pure brute that gave Jordynne a run for her money. Even though Jordynne came out on top, Jazz really gave it to her former tag team partner. To be quite honest, why did TNA not sign her post her WWE career. she seems like the type of wrestler that would have been a knockout legend. I can see her and Gail Kim having some classic bangers. Jordynne on the other hand, looks like she’s on the verge of turning heel. Please give us Jordynne vs Killer Kelly soon.


Cousin Jake had a good outing at the tournament today. He won his match against Daivari, then had a good match against Ace Austin, a match which he lost. However, Cousin Jake has the potential to be an incredible wrestler. He will need to rebrand his character and image. I suggest the name ‘Jake Something’ should be his permanent identity moving forward. Jake Something can be the second coming of Samoa Joe in the X-Division this year and wreak havoc against other entities in the division especially with the rare power and agility he possesses for his size in the ring. He’s definetely one to watch.


Blake Christian had a phenomenal outing today. Had excellent matches against KC Navarro and Crazy Steve. He made Crazy Steve feel relevant for once after remaining in obscurity since signing for IMPACT. Blake Christian’s final bout against Ace Austin was the best match featuring the former that I have seen in an IMPACT ring. The match itself was a classic. Only unfortunate situation was a lack of crowd that could’ve enabled a passionate atmosphere. Even though he lost the Super Cup tournament to eventual cup winner Ace Austin; Blake Christian presents a special case to IMPACT to sign him, and they better sign him immediately!


Ace Austin winning the tournament was no surprise. He needed an outlet that can give him a level of of prestige and value. He has won the X-Division title, but winning the prestigious Super X Cup is one that will propel him to new heights in 2021. IMPACT should book Ace Austin wisely when cashing in for the X-Division title. Personally, it should not be on a Tuesday Night Edition of IMPACT or an IMPACT Plus Special. Ace Austin should either cash in his trophy preferably at Rebellion or Slammiversary and win the title again.


What a brilliant way to end the I Quit Match between Moose and Mack. Mack was not going to say the words ‘I quit’ due to the rarity of it happening with babyfaces in wrestling. IMPACT having Moose threatening to end Mack’s career was a smart ploy to lure Swann into booking a title match with him, presumably at Hard To Kill only for Kenny Omega to foil plans. While Moose-Swann cannot happen at Hard To Kill, he will eventually go one on one with Moose sometime this year. That match will serve as a prelude to the Swann-Mack confrontation with Mack turning heel and feuding with Swann in the later part oof 2021. These three stars have awesome stories going for them if this rivalry should come into fruition.

CHUCKS TAKE: Genesis was the best IMPACT Plus special in the Callis-D’Amore Era. A complete 180 from the lackluster Final Resolution event. Almost all the matches delivered with Ace-Blake, Moose-Mack leading the proceedings. The frustrating aspect of IMPACT is they are capable of giving fans excellent matches, but for some weird reason, they choose to frustrate fans with the constant use of overbooking in a lot of matches. However, they kept things relatively simple in this event and it turned out to be a very good event. I will advise fans to take the time and watch this event. They won’t be disappointed.

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