IMPACT Genesis: Exactly What We Wanted

This past Saturday night, IMPACT Wrestling presented their first IMPACT Plus special of the year with “Genesis” featuring the first Super X Cup tournament since 2017 and a main event I Quit Match between Moose and Willie Mack. Heading in to the show I was hopeful that it would be good but not at all optimistic. Last months “Final Resolution” special was an all time bad show that featured run ins, interferences, and screw jobs in every match except the final few matches. It was almost as if they hired Bruce Prichard from RAW and asked him to book a show that would make everyone mad and disinterested.

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Because of the atrocities at Final Resolution, Genesis had next to zero buzz. Besides Moose there were no real main event stars and there were no title matches at all. There was very little hype going in to the show on TV and IMPACT didn’t really air much promo material for the show until the day of, when they aired quick promos from all the participants of the tournament on their social media. Not sure what the strategy was behind not pushing this event, because if you wanted eyeballs and to retain/gain viewers, this would have been the show.

Exactly What We Wanted

With all that said, and IMPACT finally gave us what we longed for, a top to bottom great show with awesome matches and fresh faces, and the launch of two of the next generations breakout stars, Ace Austin and Blake Christian. Every match was solid to great with very little gaga, minor interferences that actually made sense, and next to no down time. At no point was I bored and just playing on my phone or regretting watching. They kept my attention from start to finish and let their talents do what they do best, kick ass in the ring and tell stories.

Ace Austin is a Star

This show was built around Ace Austin, who at just 23 could be, if used right and signed to a lucrative deal, IMPACTs version of Shawn Michaels, Kenny Omega, and AJ Styles. Austin should be the face of the company by the end of 2021. Austin had a solid 2020 that unfortunately ended with him being pulled from TV the final two months of the year. Genesis made a statement that 2021 is going to be the year that Ace Austin breaks out of the pack. He had one great match after another and ended the night against Blake Christian in the match of his career, and likely the match that people will point to years from now as the match where Austin and Christian became stars.

Sign Blake Christian

Blake Christian made his IMPACT “PPV” debut and with exception to Ace Austin, was the most impressive talent on the show. On a night that was seemingly designed the launch Austin, Blake Christian was also made. There’s no telling if Christian is signed, but something tells me there is an agreement here, because why else would they work so hard to make a guy they way did tonight? If he isn’t, they need to get this guy locked in ASAP and put him in front of their biggest paying audience in years during Hard to Kill.

Don’t Sleep on Crazzy Steve

I have to apologize to Crazzy Steve. While I like him and his character, I didn’t really think he fit in the tournament, but I was wrong, and I’m happy about that. Steve really impressed me. His character is unique and perfect for the show, but you often forget just how really good the guy is. He had two really fun and solid matches and he did a great job at making young Blake Christian look like a star.

Moose and Willie Had a War

Moose continued his quest to become the IMPACT champion by having an absolutely brutal I Quit match with Willie Mack. At one point Moose hit the “Go to Hell” off the top rope to the floor through a table and Willie smacked the back of his head on the ramp, much like what happened to Matt Hardy during All Out this year.

In the end, Moose had Willie’s head wrapped in a chair and was about to slam another chair on it, but Swann came out and pleaded with Moose, who said he would stop if he got what he wanted. Swann then granted him a title shot, and then Moose put the chair down and said “I Quit”. What a very creative and perfect ending to this match. Moose looked like an unstoppable monster who brutally beat down an IMPACT favorite just to get a title shot. It was viciously beautiful. I get the feeling that the original main event for Hard to Kill was Moose vs Swann, but then the Omega deal came together and plans changed. Wonder when get this match and what Moose will be doing at the PPV next week. He is too good and too valuable to not have a match on their biggest show.

Room For Improvement: For the love of God, turn down the fucking ring mics. Also, we need crowd noise. Don’t care how you have to do it, bring it in for Hard to Kill. If they don’t its a complete and utter failure in leadership.

Star Ratings

Ace Austin defeated Suicide (Kaleb Conley?)

Good back and forth match. Unfortunately at no point did I ever think that Suicide had a shot here. The Suicide character has been abused on TV and should really go away fir awhile and come back repackaged. This was a great showcase for Austin, although Suicide looked good too.


Jake Deaner defeated Daivari

Daivari seems to be working both IMPACT and MLW right now, is jacked and still in his late 30’s despite being around forever. This was quite “hossy” which I love, but seemed out of place in the X Division. These guys had a fun match though.


Crazzy Steve defeated Tre Lamar

Steve really surprised me, he looked great here. Lamar is a fresh, good young talent getting a loom and I hope they try to keep him and give him more opportunities. Great showing by both men.


Blake Christian defeated KC Navarro

Really fun match featuring two fresh faces and future stars of the X Division. Navarro competes on AEW dark this week too which makes me think he isn’t signed yet, but I like that they brought him in for this. Blake Christian looked to be a step above here.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

Ace Austin defeated Jake Deaner

This was really the only match that had interference as Madman Fulton distracted the beefy Jake helping Ace to pick up the victory. These two worked well together and the interference didn’t take away from the match.


Blake Christian defeated Crazzy Steve

This was by far the best singles match I have ever seen from Steve. He did a really good job in this match, showed lots of character but turned it on when it was time to crank it up. He showed great fire when Blake knocked over his toy monkey haha. Absolutely solid match.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

Jordynne Grace defeated Jazz

This match was the surprise of the night. Jazz, who is in her 50’s and on her retirement tour looked fantastic against Jordynne Grace. These two ladies worked a fun, stiff, hard hitting, back and forth match with Grace barely getting the victory in the end. Not sure why Jazz is retiring, she seems like she has lots left in the tank. Hope she sticks around.


Ace Austin defeated Blake Christian

This was the best match of the night and the best IMPACT match in a long time. Blake Christian proved in this match that not only is he worthy of a contract, but that IMPACT is stupid if they don’t sign him. Ace Austin proved that he is ready to take that next step in his career and become a main event singles star in 2021. This match featured the most high flying of the night as well as solid chain wrestling, with both men hitting counter after counter and big move after big move with Austin getting the victory. Both shined and both got over. Incredible.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

Willie Mack defeats Moose in an I Quit Match

Well, kinda. As explained above Moose said I Quit after threatening to squash Macks head in a chair when Rich Swann agreed to give him a title shot. Really good, hard hitting, brutal at times, with a creative and dramatic ending.



Really good show with one match of the year candidate.

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