5 Takeaways From IMPACT Hard To Kill

IMPACT Hard To Kill was the first ppv event of the year in 2021 and it really did not disappoint. They delivered on a lot of matches with the X-Division championship match and the 6 man main event match being the highs on the show. Here are the 5 takeaways from this buzz worthy event:


Matt Cardona made his IMPACT debut at Hard To Kill in an impromptu bout against Ace Austin. While Ace Austin got disqualified due to interference from Madman Fulton, having Cardona in the Impact Zone will further add a lot of buzz to the promotion due to his massive social media following, I will strong encourage IMPACT to pair Myers/Cardona as a tag team, or even possible create a Stable with Cardona, Myers and Heath. This move, inevitably can create a massive following and will further enable buzz to the promotion. So much can be done for Cardona in IMPACT.


Ace Austin inevitably had a match at Hard To Kill and while it resulted in disqualification in order to make both competitors look strong, a new case should be made. Ace Austin/Manik should feud for the X-Division title at Rebellion. Reason is simple: Create a long term storyline for both talents on a ppv that makes both strong. Austin can cement his role as a solid X-Division Champion and begin his quest for the World Champion. Re-integrate Option C at Destination X and have him feud for the World Title? Seems like a solid plan for the Inevitable Ace Austin and a good way to further elevate his character in the long term.


Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz won the knockouts tag team championship since it was last held in 2013. They’ve been incredibly consistent with both their characters and ring work, including all the momentum and following they accumulated over the first half of 2020. It was the right move to make them champions as they are well received by wrestling fans and pundits. The knockouts division is the strongest that it has ever been and viable new challengers await this blossoming tag team. Expect a cross promotional feud with AEW over the knockouts tag team championship in the immediate future.


Changes were made on the commentary team with Josh Matthews promoted to senior producer and Madison Rayne officially retiring, thus giving Matt Striker and D’lo Brown permanent commentary duties. These changes were a sign of fresh air for the ppv as they brought a new level of excitement not seen in IMPACT since Tenay/Tazz. They were really crisp and precise with their duties tonight coupled with the introduction of crowd noise. These features added a new element to IMPACT and helped made the program feel electric and less stale than the previous months.


Omega and the Good Brothers came out tonight in Bullet Club gear, a move that had fans really talking. If anybody 3 years ago said Omega and the Good Brothers would main event a ppv in 2021, I legit would tell you ‘Go to Hell’. It was so impossible. Fast forward the moment to tonight and here we are, Bullet Club are officially in an IMPACT ring in a bout against Rich Swann, Moose and Chris Sabin. The match was excellent. Everybody did their part well and If there is any thing to take from this match, IMPACT predictably will have a good 2021, as there is so much stories that could be made from this storyline. Moose as a whole was excellent tonight. From the moonsault on Karl Anderson earlier in the match to the spanish fly on Kenny Omega; Moose made this match feel big. His ring entrance was breathtaking, his presence, attitude and focus was precise. While he has detractors due to his questionable past, that should not detract fans from being objective on how excellent he was tonight. He should win the IMPACT World Championship this year.

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