Alex Shelley: “I Assure You, I Don’t Have COVID”

Alex Shelley provided an update on IMPACT Wrestling’s official twitter account regarding his situation. He stated that he in fact does not have COVID and he is not orthopedically injured and that he is staying home out if an abundance of caution.

Mike’s Take: Shelley posted a cryptic tweet Thursday night stating “Trust me, wrestling is hard enough. You don’t need sneaky snakes hounding the shot callers in the hotel bar after the show pitching themselves and manipulating situations selfishly. Be good, help each other, enjoy this. It’s short.” Which led to some speculation that something nefarious was going on with the late switch. But in the tweets before that he was just praising Trey Miguel for helping one if his guys. Sounds to me like Shelley may be a close contact with someone who is positive and is quarantining. He didn’t say that directly for some reason but that’s what it appears to be. That’s back to back PPVs for Shelley where he has had to pull out late. Its also another example of IMPACT PPVs having an issue, but this is way beyond their control.

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