MLW reveals Séptimo Dragón shirt to raise money for luchador’s recovery

Buy the t-shirt and support Séptimo Dragón’s road to recovery

NEW YORK — Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) in conjunction with has released an exclusive Séptimo Dragón Rise-Up T-shirt with all MLW proceeds going directly to the luchador, who is recovering from a hit-and-run accident and multiple operations after an extended stay in the hospital.

Fans can purchase the T-shirt at:

“The support and care wrestling fans have for its athletes is unlike any other sport,” said Court Bauer. “We’ve been inundated with fans asking how they can help Séptimo Dragón, so we came up with this. Any and all revenue MLW would receive will go directly to Dragón. Times are tough and his road to recovery is long. We hope you consider helping Séptimo and thank you all for caring so much about a truly great person enduring some hard times.”

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