RELEASE: Din Thomas: “We Still Don’t Know How Good” Conor McGregor Is

Shakeil Mahjouri of Fightful shared his recent interview with UFC great Din Thomas who provided his thoughts on Conor McGregor. Check out some highlighted notes below and watch the video above. Shak does great work and is Combat Republic approved.

Din Thomas on Conor McGregor: “Conor is a once-in-a-generational type fighter, but he is not a G.O.A.T,” Thomas argued, placing McGregor at “Hall of Fame” tier, one rank short of “G.O.A.T” tier. “In fact, you know what’s weird about Conor? We still don’t really know how good of a fighter he is. We know he is a devastating finisher. He can knock you out. We know he competes well, but we don’t know how good of a fighter he actually is.”

Din Thomas continued: “When things get a little tough for him, he kind of gives up. We don’t really know what he’s made of. I think he has gotten better at it,” Thomas continued. “When things got a little tough against Khabib… he was able to withstand that. He came back after a tough round against Nate Diaz in the second fight and had some moments in that fight, but other than that, he’s either dominating quickly or quick-tapping. We don’t really know how good he is.”

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