Could the Wednesday Night Wars Be Over in 2021?

Now that NBC Sports Network has been shut down and the NHL is being moved to USA, it could spell the end of the Wednesday Night Wars in one way or another. NHL on NBCSN airs on Wednesday Nights and as of now, that would seem to be the plan for the move to USA, although nothing is set in stone. NHL’s NBC contract ends with the current season and they will be looking to sell their rights to the highest bidder. Getting on USA would be pretty big for NHL. That could force NXT to move to another night. One new wrinkle is according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, NXT’s contract with USA might be up this October:

“the NXT contract ends with the television, it ends in October. The NHL, if they re-sign with NBC would start a regular season would start in October, is that when it would normally start unlike this year when it was all freaked up. Yeah, usually around October.”

Mike’s Take: Honestly would not shock me at all to see NXT move to Tuesday. They were forced to move for a couple weeks last year and averaged over 800K viewers and bumped IMPACT down to 89K. They could always move to Thursday but then they would have to face stiff competition from NFL. Going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out. Either way, if NXT moves it is great news for AEW.

As far as NXT, moving to another night on USA is not the worst thing. But losing USA while not a disaster, would be hugely disappointing for the brand. If they lost USA I could see them move to SYFY or even head back to WWE Network. Keep in mind this is all speculation at this point.

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